Club Constitution

20180710-PDCSAC Constitution V4

Dear all

The moment you’ve all been waiting for…the latest version of the Constitution!

This has gone through a fairly major re-hash with a lot of input from a number of Club members and you’ll be pleased to hear is now quite a bit shorter than previous iterations so worth a read; it is after all your Club.  That said there are some subtle changes to it, not least that the Diving Safety Management System (DSMS) now exists as a separate document but should be read in conjunction with the Constitution; Steve Cox, The Diving Officer, has already published the latest version of the DSMS on the Diving Safety portal of the website.  Also all Committee Members, Officers, Dive Managers and Instructors are to sign to say they have read and understood the Constitution (and by default also the DSMS which is an Enclosure to it); I will hold a hard copy version of the Constitution for signing.


Guy Balmer (Chairman)




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