Buoyancy Workshop – Tue 26 Feb 19

Dear all

On 26 Feb Cal, Eddie and I will be running a buoyancy workshop in the Dockyard swimming pool for all Club members to practice / hone their skills ready for the forthcoming diving season.  As with last year there will be a series of ‘mini exercises’ to complete underwater to test / re-learn (!) your buoyancy skills, manoeuvrability under water and kit configuration; for those who have yet to get into the pool this year it will also be an opportunity to  ensure your kit is all working as it should and to revise other skills like mask clearing, etc.


From 1700 – Boathouse open to sort kit

1800 – briefing for all

1830 – move to pool

1900 – set up exercises

1915 – first run throughs

By 2100 – clear of pool

OC – return kit to Boathouse and depart



BSAC Normandy 75 Expedition

Dear all

There has been some interest already in my earlier post about the Club getting involved in the above expedition next year.  If you are interested, even if tentatively at this stage, please let me know by 10 Sep 18  so we have an idea of the overall level of interest.


Guy Balmer

Annual General Meeting (AGM) – Tue 6 Nov 18

Dear all

A bit of prior warning that the AGM will be taking place on Tue 6 Nov 18 at the Boathouse; provisional timings are 1800 meet up for a 1830 start but this will be confirmed nearer the time.

This year the Club Constitution will be going through a bit of a refresh with an updated version being posted on the website for comment in Oct.  If you have any comments on this, or indeed any items for the Agenda, please let me or Sandra Somers (Secretary) know by Mon 22 Oct so that all the necessary paperwork can be completed for the AGM.

As always the Committee will be voted in again for the next year.  Obviously the Club needs enthusiastic volunteers who are willing to undertake the wider management roles that allow it to function and in turn allow the diving to happen.  If you would like to put yourself forward to be on the Committee please let me know.


Guy Balmer


BSAC Normandy 75 Expedition

Next year will be the 75th anniversary of D-Day, the allied invasion of German occupied Normandy in France.  To commemorate this BSAC are ‘facilitating’ an expedition to dive some of the wrecks from the invasion, i.e. while they will oversee the exped, it is up to individual clubs to actually put the exped together.

More details can be found at the web address below


but the key points are:

  1.  Exped dates between 26 July and 3 August 2019 (with clubs going for as long or as short a period as they want).
  2. Suitable for Sports Diver or above due to the depths that most wrecks are at.
  3. Outline options are;
    1. Club takes own boat across (self sail or ferry)
    2. Club books a French hardboat
    3. Individuals book spaces on French hardboats
    4. Club/Individuals dive with a French charter

I am keen that as a Club we build upon the Red Sea expedition earlier in the Summer and do more expeditions in the future; this would therefore be an excellent opportunity to have a challenging Club expedition next year however it needs a core of members with the correct qualifications who are ultimately willing to undertake this and organise / run it.  Therefore if you are interested in being involved please e-mail me back on bameroo@hotmail.com by 10 Sep 18 so I can get a sense of the interest levels and then submit an expression of interest with BSAC as necesaary.

Guy Balmer



Agenda for 2017 AGM

                 *PDCSAC AGENDA FOR THE 2017 AGM


To be held at the Boat House Tuesday 7th November 2017 meeting at 1800 for 1830 start.

1: Chairmans introduction: Dave Dyter

1a: Acceptance of minutes for 2016 AGM

1c: Apologies (from members unable to attend)

2: Reports.

Club members are reminded that officials’ reports are NOT a question and answer session, make a note of any items you wish to discuss and bring them up during AOB.

Diving Officer: Steve Cox

Training Officer: Bruce Green

Treasurer: Mel Melville-Brown

Equipment Officer: Paul Wilson

RIB s Officer: Ginge Potts

Membership Secretary: Rob Swan

Health & Safety Buildings Rep: Doug Milne

Funding’ s Officer: Don Hammer

Social Secretary: Natalie Jasper

Secretary: Vanessa Potts

3: Election of officials:


4: Motions (to be voted on)

Motions to be in writing and forwarded to the secretary and to be received at least 1 week before the AGM.

Items brought up during officials reports will now be discussed and voted on if necessary


5: AOB