Vote on keeping the Tornado at QAB.

Thank you to all those who voted on the motion to spend £1160 on keeping the Tornado at QAB for 6 months to facilitate diving whilst the Dockyard still has Covid restrictions in place. Whilst there weren’t sufficient people voting to meet what’s written in the Constitution, of the 19 Club Members that did vote all were in favour of the move and so after consultation with the Committee the motion has been carried (and for info at the next AGM there will be a proposal to change both the Constitution voting details and amounts of money that can be spent by Committee approval!!)

The Club still needs your vote!!!

Many thanks to the 17 Members (names below) who have voted on whether to spend £1160 plus an increase to the Insurance to keep the Tornado at QAB for 6 months to facilitate Club diving.

Unfortunately, as per the Constitution, we need at least 34 Members to vote to approve the spend of over £1000 so if you haven’t voted already YOUR VOTE COUNTS!!

(Votes received from – Rob, Mark K, Chris B, Eric, Steve B, Dennis R, Cal, Graeme H, Doug, Eddie, Raymond, Steve C, Joe, Nick, Bruce and Jason).


As part of the plan to get back to diving the plan is to move the Tornado from the Boathouse and then store it at Queen Anne’s Battery for 6 months.

However this will cost £1160 plus a small increase in insurance. Whilst the Club has the funds to do this, as per the Constitution any spend over £1000 needs a ‘Membership Decision’ (i.e. 80% of the Members (so 36 out of 45 Members) need to take part in the vote and the motion needs a 2/3 majority (so at least 24 of those 36 votes) to be passed).

Therefore PLEASE VOTE NOW by responding back to me at ASAP so we can confirm the booking with QAB.


Guy Balmer (Chair)