Boathouse parking

Granted not the most exciting email to receive in lockdown, but a subject close to everyone’s hearts – parking outside the boathouse!

I’ve recently exchanged a number of emails with the Torpoint Ferry Manager (ex RN and generally very on-side) and we will be meeting up as soon as current restrictions get lifted but in outline please be aware of the following:

1. The Torpoint Ferry own the land outside the boathouse, which is used as a parking area, and have done for a considerable number of years. Whilst there’s a verbal agreement that we can park in certain areas there never has been, and never will be, anything more formal in place.

2. The Torpoint Ferry are, however, more than happy with us parking so long as we stay in the designated areas (see below and refer to map) and park responsibly (i.e. don’t block Ferry staff in).

a. Parking is allowed in the green areas numbered 1 and 2; 1 is the Ferry staff car park and their staff generally park on the Eastern side (i.e. where the wall is) and 2 are disabled parking bays which can be used as overspill if required.

b. In certain circumstances we can bring vehicles into the yellow area 3 but only after approval from the Ferry Manager (i.e. if we were doing a clear up of the boathouse and wanted to bring a trailer close to the doors to load rubbish). For info this area is bounded by the metal barriers (shown as a dashed purple line on the map)

c. Vehicles are not to encroach on the purple areas 4 and 5; 4 denotes the edge of the road leading to the southern most ferry (denoted by thick white lines painted on the tarmac) and 5 is an access route (not marked on the ground) which allows Ferry vehicles to access their shed / parking area).

There are plans to redevelop the entire holding area for the Torpoint Ferry however at the moment these are running behind schedule and its not entirely clear exactly what it will look like in the future although I will pass these on as soon as I have more details. There’s a possibility, but only a possibility, that parts of the yellow area 3 maybe allocated as parking in future.

I am fully aware that in the past certain members of Ferry staff have been ‘particularly unhelpful’ / rude to Club members, a point accepted by the Ferry Manager, HOWEVER we need to do our bit to not inflame the situation ourselves such as only parking in the designated areas, car sharing where at all possible and adhering to any directions given to us by the Ferry staff in relation to parking (and not getting drawn into any arguments but instead passing on any specific details to me so I can take them up with the Ferry Manager).

As I say, not the most exciting email during lockdown but an important issue that we all need to be aware of and do our bit to adhere to so that we continue to enjoy the privilege of parking at the boathouse.